Highest Paying Jobs In Canada



Highest Paid Jobs In Canada

Do you intend moving to Canada? Do you need help choosing the right career path that can guarantee a rewarding future in Canada?

It is no surprise that many of the in-demand jobs in Canada are found in the health care, STEm fields, and trades sectors.

Well, you may want to check the following list of in-demand jobs in Canada with high remuneration.

Nurse Practitioner

A career in the health sector is on an increasing demand due to an aging population. Primary health care workers together with doctors and other professionals provide a variety of health care services to the population. Midwives and physician assistants are inclusive under this job category.

The job description includes delivering babies or administering vaccinations.

Workers in this category are expected to work in community clinic, birthing center or in a hospital.


Depending on the type of job, the qualifications vary. Midwives and Physician assistants require a university degrees in related programs, while Burse practitioners are usually required to have a Master’s degree in nursing.

You may need to register with a regulatory body, depending on the territory or province.


Workers under this category earn a median salary of $104,000

Job Opportunities:

Over the past five years, the number of nurse practitioners employed have increased over 75%. It is predicted that by 2024, there will be more jobs than people seeking employment in this field.


Dentist are in high demand in Canada due to the sensitive nature of their jobs.

A dentist is responsible for treating, diagnosing and preventing dental disorders.

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To be qualified as a dentist in Canada, you will need a university degree in dentistry, or if you are in Quebec, you will need a college diploma in dentistry and from a reputable academic institution. Additionally, you will need a territorial or provincial license to operate as a dentist.


The median salary of a dentist is around $93,000

Job Opportunities

Over the past five years, the number of dentists has increased by 63%. The government has predicted a significant growth in the industry.

Utility Manager

Utility managers take care of the electrical, natural gas and water problems, regardless if it is private or public sector. Utility managers also supervises distribution systems, plants, and plants. For senior positions, you will proven work experience will be required.


To be eligible for this job position, a diploma or bachelor’s degree in related fields.

Power Utilitie: Electrical engineering degree
natural gas distribution: Oil and Gas engineering degree.

Utility managers’ median salary is $114,000. However, with wages vary based on the kind of utility.

Job Opportunities

The government has predicted over 30,000 new jobs through 2024 in the industry.

Pipefitting Supervisor

Pipefitting supervisors are responsible for the proper coordination of heat, and water systems from private to the public sectors.


The minimum academic qualification is a secondary school degree. Senior positions require higher degrees and proven work experience.


Pipefitting Supervisors’ median salary is about $81,000. (The wages vary based on positions)

Job Opportunities

There has been an increase in the industry. Over 50% of people have been employed over the past five years.

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Public Administrators

Public administrators are responsible for the day to day coordination of government services, and ensuring programs and policies are implemented. They are also in charge of monitoring, developing, and planning budgets, and also recruiting workers.


To be qualified as a public administrator, you will need a minimum of post-secondary degrees in social science, business administration or law and proven work experience.


Public administrators median salary is about $110,000 and one of the highest paying jobs in the public sector.

Over the past five years, public administrators have received an increase in wages by up to 13%.

Job Opportunities

Due to government’s priority, budget, and political party, the industry may not be as stable as others. However, there is a healthy prediction of job growth in the sector

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