Highest Paying Jobs In Australia



Highest Paid Jobs In Australia

Are you thinking of coming to work in Australia? Then surely you are interested in knowing about the best-paid jobs in Australia and the required visa you need to apply to be able to come and enjoy Australia.

The labor market in Australia

As mentioned on several occasions, Australia has a very dynamic economy, with minimal unemployment rates (over 6%) and constant growth over the years. An interesting fact is that Australia was hardly affected by the 2008 world crisis. Here you have more information about the Australian economy and it’s 25 years of uninterrupted economic growth.

And what does this mean?… Well, great job opportunities with very high salaries amongst many of them.

The highest paying jobs in Australia

As you can imagine, engineers and doctors are very well paid in Australia, but there are also other professions that will surely surprise you. Here’s the list:

Health sector: average, people working in the healthcare sector are earning about $ 1,600 AUD per week. But for example, anesthesiologists have salaries above AUD $ 2,500 per week, as do surgeons.
Miners: People who work in the mining sector earn on average a whopping $ 2,659 AUD a week, according to data from AU Stats. So if you are a mining engineer or similar, take a good look at Perth and don’t rule out coming, because here you are highly valued.
Energy-related jobs such as oil or gas plant operators, water supply services, etc earn on average about $ 1,900 AUD per week.
Research is recognized in Australia, as scientists are among the highest-paid professionals with $ 1,828 AUD per week on average.
In telecommunications, salaries are around $ 1,800 AUD per week.
The same goes for economists, lawyers, etc. practicing in the finance and insurance sector. According to AU Stats, they earn $ 1,858 AUD a week.
If you work in the construction sector, you should know that on average they are charging $ 1,723 AUD a week.
One of those that will surely surprise you is the transport sector. They charge between $ 1,685 AUD a week, and we are talking about train drivers, trams, etc.
And in the education sector, they earn on average $ 1,685 AUD per week.
Real estate workers also have good salaries, nothing more and nothing less than $ 1,469 AUD per week.

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Visas to work in Australia

Would you like to come to Australia to feel that your work is really being recognized? Well, look at the visas that can give you access to live and work in the land down below.

Student visa
It is the easiest visa to get. With it you can come to Australia to study and work part-time for the duration of your studies and a little more. Normally, when you come with a student visa, you do not access “your own” jobs, but rather jobs for international students that are also very well paid.

However, it is a good way to enter the country, to gain experience here, improve your English and meet companies that can later help you obtain a work visa.

Work & Holiday Visa
It is a bit difficult to obtain the Work and Holiday visa because it is offered by the Australian government with a certain number of places and many requirements.

Skilled and Sponsor Visa

To access these visas your profession has to be within the most demand jobs by Australia.

It will be easier to get them if you have already had previous experience in Australia. Keep in mind that for the Visa Sponsor you will need an Australian company to be your sponsor, that is, to manage the visa for you, and this will happen more easily if you know the company and the country.

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