Best Jobs In Canada



Best Jobs In Canada

If you are thinking about moving to Canada to get a job, this article will discuss the best jobs in Canada and help you know your job options.

Canadians have been enjoying a strong job market of late, with an unemployment rate of 5.6% after hitting a record low of 5.4% early in 2019.

Statista in partnership with Forbes identified the companies that employees liked the most in an annual ranking of Canada’s best employers.

The list of Canada’s Best Jobs is compiled by surveying 8,000 Canadians who work for companies with at least 500 employees, ranks the 300 employers who received the most referrals.

The list is dominated by well-known corporate names, many of the industry titans like Google stayed on the number 1 for the third year in a row, and Cisco, up 13 spots to No. 3, and staying in number 2 is Hydro-Quebec, the largest producer of clean energy in North America.

# Company Sector Locations Employees
one Google IT, Internet, Software & Services Toronto, Ontario 2,300
2 Hydro-Québec Utilities Montreal, Quebec 19,904
3 Cisco Systems IT, Internet, Software & Services Toronto, Ontario 1,727
4 Costco Wholesale Retail and Wholesale Ottawa, Ontario 39,000
5 Ubisoft Media and Advertising Montreal, Quebec 15,985
6 Microsoft IT, Internet, Software & Services Mississauga, Ontario 2,300
7 Boeing Aerospace & Defense Winnipeg, Manitoba 2,000
8 Air Transat Transport and logistics Montreal, Quebec 5,000
9 FedEx Transport and logistics Mississauga, Ontario 6,750
10 University of Toronto Education Toronto, Ontario 7,198
11 General Dynamics Aerospace industry Ottawa, Ontario 1,100
12 GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical and biotechnology Mississauga, Ontario 98,462
13 University of Sherbrooke Education Sherbrooke, Quebec 7,271
14 ABB Semiconductors, Electronics, Saint Laurent, Quebec 5,000
Electrical Engineering, Technology Hardware & Equipment
15 Pfizer Drugs & Biotechnology Kirkland, Quebec 1,818
16 Ericsson Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Mississauga, Ontario 3,000
Engineering, Hardware Technology and equipment
17 Manzana Retail and wholesaler Toronto, Ontario 132,000
18 BC Hydro Utilities Vancouver,British Columbia 5,353
19 Simon Fraser University,Education Burnaby, British Columbia 6,500
20 Starbucks Restaurant Toronto, Ontario 14,000
21 Queen’s University Education Kingston, Ontario 8,921
22 University of Guelph Education Guelph, Ontario 2,925
23 Ryerson University Education Toronto, Ontario 2,700
24 Keurig Canada Food, non-alcoholic beverages, alcohol and tobacco Burlington, Massachusetts 1,398
25 SickKids Health Toronto, Ontario 8,355
26 PepsiCo Food, non-alcoholic beverages, alcohol and tobacco Mississauga, Ontario 11,000
27 Canada Border Services Agency Government services Ottawa, Ontario 14,469
28 Purolator Transport and logistics Mississauga, Ontario 12,000
29 Bank of Canada Banking and financial services Ottawa, Ontario 1,750
30 City of Ottawa Government services Ottawa, Ontario 16,651
31 Honda Canada Automotive industry Markham, Ontario 19,000
32 CIMA + Engineering and manufacturing Laval, Quebec 2,300
33 Transport Canada Government services Ottawa, Ontario 6,000
34 IKEA Retail and wholesaler Burlington, Ontario 6,300

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Over the past year, Hydro-Québec has invested in enhancing its candidate experience so that all applicants, whether they receive an offer or not, feel that the hiring process was productive.

“We always make feedback part of the process, and if they still want to be in our pool of candidates, we call them when there is another position,” says Dominic Roy, director of human resources services at Hydro-Québec.

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