Australia Immigration: Fascinating Facts About Australia



Australia Immigration: Fascinating Facts About Australia

Australia. the land of OZ offers more than koalas, kangaroos, outback, clean water and air.

Australia’s incredible diverse cultures, cosmopolitan cities, and wild terrains show the country has so much to offer millions of curious and enthusiastic visitors it receives every year.

Australia is truly a country of diverse landscape, with its tropical aquamarine reefs, red outback sands, and the incredible Southern Ocean.

This article will highlight the many interesting and fascinating facts about Australia.

Interesting Facts About Australia
The oldest continuous culture on today is the Aboriginal Australians. The Aboriginal is the indigenous people of Australia, estimated to have left Africa 75,000 years ago and have been living in Australia for more than 40,000
Despite these fascinating facts, the aboriginals were not included in the Australian official census until the 1967 national referendum that included the Aboriginals in the official census thus granting them status as settlers
Australia is one of the world’s least densely populated nation with an estimated 3 people per square kilometer. Australia is the 6th largest country by area in the world excluding Antarctica at 7,741,220sq km.
Apart from Antarctica, Australia is the flattest, lowest and driest continent. Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in Australia at about 2,228m (7,310ft) high.

The Australian outback refers to any location in Australia outside the urban area but near the coastline. The outback is a vast and remote interior which is sparsely populated but home to a large variety of plants, animals and natural features

Uluru, the giant sacred monolith located in the Northern Territory also known as the sorry rocks receives packages regularly from Rangers containing pieces of Uluru taken by tourists accompanied by notes of apology. It is widely believed that people who removed the rocks have suffered from bad luck hence the need to return the rock and reverse the ‘curse’

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The termite-mounds is the tallest animal-made structure on Earth can only be found in Australia

The largest public tram system in the world is found in Melbourne

The largest canal system in the world is the Gold Coast which is estimated to be larger than the canal system of both Venice and Amsterdam combined

In 1894 Australia became the second country in the world to grant women the right to vote.

It was legal to say the word ‘mate’ at Parliament House until 2005 when the government issued a ban on saying the word ‘mate’. However, the ban only lasted 24 hours before it was overturned

In the year 1901, Australia officially became a federation

12 convict who was judged to be the best behaved became Australia’s first police force

The Kangaroo and Emu are embedded on the Australian coat of arm because they can’t walk backward, thus reflecting Australian as a forward-thinking nation

The Platypus and Echidnas are native Australian animals known as the only two mammals in the world that reproduce offsprings by laying eggs

The largest sand island in the world is found in Australia (Fraser Island)

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The other natural wonders of the world include Aurora Borealis, the Grand Canyon, the Harbour of Rio de Janeiro, Mount Everest, Victoria Falls, and Paricutin Volcano

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