Facts You Need to Know Before Applying For Canada Visa



Facts You Need to Know Before Applying For Canada Visa

Planning to move to Canada? Here are the things you need to familiarize yourself with before you begin the journey of your Canada visa application.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world and a hugely diverse country. With the economic bustling district of Toronto, the eccentric outdoor characteristics of Vancouver with its empyrean mountains and mild climate, oil, and gas fields of Saskatchewan and Alberta, and wild winters.

Canada is set to welcome about one million economic migrants before the end of 2020. These economic migrants are carefully selected for their various expertise and skills which include the following:
educational qualification
language proficiency
work experience and
employment prospect.

Toronto and Vancouver are the two major hotspots for employment opportunities in Canada, and the construction and mining activities have employed thousands of economic immigrants.

However, immigrants are advised to carry out due diligence no matter how enticing a job offer may seem regardless if they traveling alone or with family members.


Immigrants from a warm climate are advised to adequately prepare for the bitter sting of the Canadian cold. Words cannot describe how -25°C can feel, but the good news is that with adequate preparation, proper attitude and clothing, this harsh winter sting can be reduced.


Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world, multiculturalism is essential to national policy and attributes.

Immigrants to Canada have generally received an embracing welcome to Canada.

It is interesting to note that over 40 parliament members are immigrants. In Canada, it is a common theme to encounter several languages, cultures and religions in any given Canadian province or territory.

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Immigrants to Canada are assured that moving to Canada would not deprive them of their religious or cultural identity.

As an immigrant you do not have to abandon your belief in order to assimilate, rather, diversity in Canada is a norm that has received huge encouragement from the Canadian government.

Searching for a Job

Getting a job in Canada can be quite tough as months may likely pass before you get your desired position, so you are advised to plan adequately especially for the first few months.

This means that:

You have to be financially independent to cater to your living cost for the first few months
You should be ready to engage in a non-career job for the main time and be on the lookout for newer and better opportunities
Before you step foot into Canada, you should start to think and act like a Canadian. This entails being proactive, and actively engaging in networking, and also ensure that your resume/cv is styled the Canadian way.

Cost of Living

Before you move to Canada, try to avoid the harsh realities like the expensive living cost in certain areas such as Toronto and Vancouver. However, Montreal, on the other hand, has a significant low property value and rent, and also the wages are low.


If you are addicted to smoking, do not fret because it is totally legal to smoke in Canada, but there are rules that must be adhered to.

It is prohibited to be seen smoking in public places such as restaurants, hospitals, stores, offices, and other places of employment. Also included in the prohibited list are shared or public areas of rental complex and apartment buildings.
I am sure you would be wondering where the heck you can smoke right?

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Well, the only place you can smoke is in your vehicle, in the great outdoors or in your own living space.


Healthcare in Canada is reputed globally for its excellence, and the healthcare system is publicly funded.

The healthcare is administered by the provinces, and individuals who partake for a healthcare program are issued a health card the Provincial ministry of health. Everyone in Canada receives a level of care.

The Charter of Rights and Freedom

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom guarantees political rights to all Canadian citizens, and civil liberty is constitutionally guaranteed to everyone in the country. The Charter is the cornerstone of political, civil and social society in Canada.


Your eligibility to receive a tax refund at the end of every fiscal is largely dependent on your terms of employment and status.

The sales tax between the province of Quebec and Alberta, Quebec 14.975% and Alberta 5%, this tax is usually added at the point of sales and not on the price tag.

When shopping, you should be aware that an item displays with a price tag of $20 may cost you more than that.

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