Canadian Healthcare System



Canadian Healthcare System

Since the introduction of the Canadian health care system in 1967, residents of the country have enjoyed tremendous medical services. The health care program which is publicly funded has enjoyed great success in providing free health care services to Canadians.

The health care system Act, provides guidelines on areas, levels, and how healthcare should be administered.

The health care of Canadians is a top priority, hence the government making the healthcare system comprehensive, where everyone irrespective of medical history, income, and standards of living qualify for quality medical care.

However, the healthcare program does not cover the following:

prescription drugs
Long-term services
Home-care services
Dental care
Prescription glasses

These services can be obtained through private health insurance or if you are directly financing it.

Benefits of the Canadian Healthcare System

The Canadian healthcare system which is also referred to as Medicare is one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Canadian citizens and permanent residents enjoy the following benefits of Medicare:

Everyone is eligible: As mentioned earlier, Canadian citizens and permanent irrespective of medical history, income, or standard of living qualify for the comprehensive healthcare program.

Provision of educational programs: The Canadian government, through provincial or territorial government, engages members of the public on intermittently proactive steps to their general wellbeing/health matters which includes but not limited to: the importance of comprehensive medical check-up, injuries, healthy living, and how to avoid diseases, etc. These health programs are funded through Medicare, which is publicly funded by the populace.

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Provides special health care for senior citizens, war veterans, disabled citizens, and children who require specialized care. Medicare caters and provides quality medical services to these groups of people at no extra cost.

Eligibility For The Cover

As earlier stated, Medicare in Canada is available for all Canadian citizens and permanent residents. In accordance with the Canadian Healthcare Act, the federal government is mandated by law to support public programs such as Medicare through fiscal transfers.

The Canadian Healthcare Act includes the following:

Universal coverage for medically necessary hospital
Services of Physicians

Each Canadian province and territory is mandated with analyzing and setting up specific residency needs such as:

Undocumented immigrants
Visitors who overstayed their visit
Denied refugee claimants
Immigrants who entered the country illegally

The aforementioned groups of people are exempted from the Canadian healthcare program. However, some territories or provinces may provide limited coverage.

Some specialized groups are also covered in the Canadian healthcare program. The comprehensive Canadian healthcare program is provided for the following:

Canadian forces
Members of Royal Canadian Mounted police
First Nations and Inuit
Refugee claimants
Federal penitentiaries inmates

Over two-thirds of Canadian citizens and permanent residents also have private health insurance to support the Medicare program.

Importance of Owing a Healthcare Insurance

As stipulated by the Canadian Healthcare Act, the Canadian healthcare program is administered by provinces and territories, hence Medicare is limited and private health insurance may come in handy when you travel to another province or territory.

Another major importance of healthcare insurance is the provisions not covered by Medicare such as prescription drugs, long-term care, etc.

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