Family Immigration To Canada



Family Immigration To Canada

Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their partner to come live in Canada as a permanent resident through the Canadian Spousal Sponsorship.

Due to the importance of families being together, applications for spousal sponsorship are considered a top priority in Canada.

Spousal Sponsorship to Canada, How Much Does it Cost?

Sponsorship applications are a long process and it usually requires roughly a year to complete. They are ordinarily not processed a lot quicker than a year, and they can take longer, this is also dependent on the nature of your case.

On the off chance that the visa office requires extra confirmation of your relationship, or your case is complicated, this will prolong the handling of your case and it will take longer.

The most ideal approach to guarantee your sponsorship application is handled as fast as possible is to ensure it is done well in the first trial.

Sponsorship Requirements To Canada?

To be eligible to sponsor your common-law partner or spouse as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, the following requirements must be met:

You must be at least 18 years

Live in Canada, or have the intention of relocating to Canada once your partner or spouse is granted permanent residency in Canada

Are capable financially to accommodate the basic financial obligations of your partner or spouse for at least three years.

In the event that you are married and you want to sponsor your wife or husband, immigration officials will require the following documentary evidence:

Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation survey

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Certificate of marriage

Wedding photographs and invitations

Adoption or records or birth certificate for any dependent child/children you and your spouse have together.

Documentary proof of marriage registration with a recognized government authority.

Additionally, two of the following documents:

Evidence that you and your mate own property together

Statement of shared financial balances,

Service bills bearing both of your names,

Duplicates of government-provided IDs,

Vehicle protection,

Tax documents that show that you live at the same location

The Cost Spousal Sponsorship to Canada?

The public authority handling charges to support your spouse in Canada are as follows. In the event that you are supporting your life partner and they have dependent child/children, you will be required to pay an extra $150 payment for every youngster included in the application.

Sponsorship fee $75

Principal candidate handling fee $475

Right of permanent residence charge $500

Biometrics: $85

Grand total: $1135

On the off chance that your partner dwells in Quebec or plans to live in Quebec upon the issuance of permanent residency, an extra fee of $289 CAD should be paid notwithstanding the previously mentioned charges.

The Amount of Money You Need to Sponsor Your Spouse to Canada

In contrast to most different types of Canadian sponsorship, you don’t have to show a minimum income amount to sponsor a partner/spouse. In any case, when you begin the application of sponsoring a family member to Canada, you be required to sign an undertaking, in which you guarantee to offer financial assistance to cater for the basic financial obligations of your sponsored family member.

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The length of the signed undertaking relies upon the classification of sponsorship. For spousal sponsorship (spouses, conjugal or common-law partners inclusive), from the day the sponsored individual is issued permanent residency status, 3 years is the length of the undertaking.

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